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Polygyny is still in practice.

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South Africa 2011

I wish I were back in South Africa and the pile of uni work building up on my desk is rubbing it in. I travelled with International Student Volunteers in January of this year spending two amazing weeks in Swaziland volunteering on the Swaziland Savannah Conservation project followed by two even more amazing weeks travelling the coast of South Africa.

Volunteering #2

Australia Sydney, Australia  |  May 24, 2011
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 Admittedly it was only a warthog, but for stories sake, lets go with charging rhinoceros :P 

January in Swaziland is the middle of the wet season, this meant the bushland was lush and green. Lovely yes, but it did make for some tricky working conditions. With grass one metre tall and an inability to see more than two metres in front of you it's not an easy feat to set up a 70m x70m workspace. But with hats on sticks, climbing trees and lots of jumping around flapping our arms we managed it.

Other than spending the whole day laughing hysterically the most memorable part of this was setting out the research site only 200m from onlooking giraffes, we must have been a sight!

For our project we were involved in research data collection - part of this involved catching rodents! Imagine the group of us, wading through metre tall grass trying to follow each others path in search of our rodent traps. The leader hears a rustle and stops dead, like a children's cartoon we run smack into each other. Stock still trying not to laugh we listen, nothing......still and quiet. Two more steps, HOLY COW WHAT IS THAT!!! We all scream as the dark shape hurtles past us in the opposite direction. That sure got hearts racing! Admittedly it was only a warthog, but for stories sake, lets go with charging rhinoceros :P

After the days' 'work' we drive back to camp, past giraffe, impala, zebra, impala, warthog, wilder beast and did I mention impala? Love it!

Sitting back at camp, under the tree canopy with the sun casting pink, orange and purple through the sky. Surrounded by great new friends - the quote from my diary reads 'There is no where I would rather be right now'.

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