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What is your traveling philosophy?

Everyone always says "I'm going to travel after I'm finished school" but I know for a fact that the older we get, our wants change. When I'm finished school, I know I'd want to have someone to come home to and a travel buddy for life and potentially want kids. The things I could do and the places I could visit when I'm in my early 20's... won't be the same when I'm 40. I want to have kids one day, and I can't exactly skydive knowing I have little ones waiting for me at home.

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6 years ago

6 years ago

6 years ago

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My journey to Australia

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    mohayoni wrote: Wed Sep 19, 2012
    Hey how was autralia, did u manage to find isv volunteers going to LAX from Toronto Pearson International Aiport-?
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    Sask100 wrote: Thu Jun 14, 2012
    Hello fellow canadian! My name is Sarah. I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Is your name Emcee? Anyways I can't wait to meet you! Are you going on the group flight?

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Travelled to 5 countries

Australia, Canada, Fiji, Philippines, United States

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