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  • Anticipation

    Travel Journal from Canada Toronto, Canada | Wed Mar 14, 2012

    It's already March, just a couple more months until I depart for my Australia ISV trip. With that, it's also starting to stress me out that the final payment is almost due! I'm also really excited to see my cousins in LA when before and after my Australia trip! 

    Australia 2012

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    • gabbie's Profile Pic
      pinned gabbie replied to Australia 2013 5 Years ago

      Make sure you have a good rain jacket/windbreaker!

    • JoMooWu's Profile Pic
      pinned JoMooWu replied to Australia 2013 5 Years ago

      My main advice would be to bring lots of layers. Get good quality thermals as that will make a big difference. In the morning when we went to the work site it was pretty cold, but once you start working you get hot so you will need to strip some layers.

      Get good working shoes, the packing list says hiking boots but some volunteers wore rain boots and it worked well for them. Also bring an extra pair of socks to the work site as you never know if you will need it.

      When I went last year the place we lived in didn't have central heating, we only had a small furnace in our rooms so if they ask you to bring a good warm sleeping bag make sure you get one that will keep you warm through the night.

      Last year we only had a chance to wash our clothes once a week when volunteering, so I suggest that you bring enough clothes (i.e. socks, underwear) that will last you for a week.

      Also make sure that you buy good working gloves before you go. Our group had some problems with our working gloves. Get some good gardening gloves that are able to keep your hands dry. My gloves soaked in all the moisture and it was not pleasant working with wet gloves for the whole day.

      We ate lunch at the work site everyday and there was only a port-a-potty so make sure to bring some hand sanitizer if you want to eat with clean hands.

      Bring some emergency medicine in case you come down with a cold or something. We had a couple of volunteers get sick during the two weeks working. Bring some Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system.

      We got a weekend in Sydney during the work week, so I suggest bringing some extra cash to spend on things you like. Some volunteers went out for drinks, while some went out for a good meal. You will also have to pay for your own accommodation for that weekend as it is not included in your fees. Also bring some nice clothes so you can look nice when in the city.

      I'm sorry I don't have any fundraising tips. I funds were sponsored by my family. But that above advice is all I can provide. I hope it helps.

      If you have any extra questions feel free to ask. And if you are a bit nervous about this trip I can tell you that you will have an experience of a lifetime and meet some really cool people. I still keep in contact with some of my fellow volunteers.

    • heloisem's Profile Pic
      pinned heloisem replied to July 5th - Australia! 6 Years ago

      Hello everyone, my name is Héloïse, I'm from France and I'm also going to Australia on July 5th (from Heathrow airport), and Fiji. Someone going to the Wagga Wagga project ?

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