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  • 10 more days!!

    Travel Journal from Canada Canada | Mon Jun 11, 2012

    I am getting so excited!! I thought the closer the trip would come the more scared and nervous I would be. At this point, I am mainly just getting excited :D Our group has been talking more and more and we are all anticipating the day we finally get to meet each other in person. We have recieved all of our information now. I will be specifically volunteering by building …

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    • DaniH44's Profile Pic
      pinned DaniH44 replied to Dominican Republic- July 6 6 Years ago

      Hi Everybody!

      So excited to meet everyone and begin this awesome trip! I am also from Washington state, I go to Seattle Pacific University and I am studying to go into nursing. I will be going July 6th, anybody else from WA leaving for then? I can't wait to begin this trip, still have so much to do and pack! See you all soon!

    • Lilhobbit's Profile Pic
      pinned Lilhobbit replied to Dominican 6 Years ago

      I'm flying into Miami from California on the 2nd- are any of you going to be there that day? I am so excited to meet all of you! We're 50 days away!

    • Jeniffer's Profile Pic
      pinned Jeniffer replied to Dominican Republic Trip!! 6 Years ago

      I'm arriving at 5:30am on the 29th also =)

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