Costa Rica November to February 2012-2013

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ISV’s online community for volunteers who travelled and made a meaningful difference in Costa Rica. Thanks for your amazing contribution – you may connect with other volunteers and like-minded travellers ...

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    • ArantxaNaidoo's Profile Pic
      pinned ArantxaNaidoo replied to 8-Jan-2013 5 Years ago

      Hi there my name is Arantxa Naidoo. I'm a second year geology student and I'm studying at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. I'm a first time traveller and I was just wondering if anyone from South Africa is going on the Costa rica trip in December so I know who I'm traveling with :)

    • LaurenceFoster's Profile Pic
      pinned LaurenceFoster replied to 22-Jan-2013 6 Years ago

      Hi I'm Laurence, I'm from Macquarie University -Sydney- just found out like 5 minutes ago that I was accepted and when I am leaving! So exited and a tiny bit nervous!!!

    • Benny11's Profile Pic
      pinned Benny11 replied to 11-Dec-2012 6 Years ago

      Hi I'm Benny. Can not wait to go to Costa Rica!!!

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