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ISV supports conservation volunteer projects in Australia.

ISV supports conservation volunteer projects in Australia.

Australia Australia  |  Sep 30, 2008
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 My project has changed my view on conservation because I realise that small, grassroots, initiatives can truly make a difference in the world.
Shannon Skripitsky, University of Alberta, Canada

Each project runs for two weeks and is operated in partnership with well-established conservation organizations including, not-for-profits, government and non government organisations (NGOs), private industries, and local grassroots groups. Projects are based in various locations, from the remote outback to Australian suburbs. Each volunteer team will be supervised and directed by professional staff from the host organization and an ISV project leader. The volunteer team will consist of around 8 - 10 people, depending on the project. *Please note that certain projects only operate on specific program dates.*

No prior experience or expertise in environmental areas is needed in order to participate. Accommodations vary with projects, ranging from volunteer houses, dormitory style accommodations to research stations. Meals (3 per day) will be provided during the volunteer project.

Each project can be broadly classified based on the goals of the host organization, the project location, and the primary volunteer task:

* Habitat Restoration projects encompass a iversity of locations on public and privately owned land. The goal of these projects is to improve local habitats through native revegetation and sometimes recreational facilities improvement including trail building. The primary task on these projects is weeding and native species planting. (AEF, ALT, CVA, Phillip Island, TLC, WCMA, Mt Tomah)

* Wildlife Sanctuary projects include any project located in a designated wildlife or nature sanctuary. The goal of these projects is to conserve native animals in a relatively natural setting. Primary tasks vary across projects and can include fencing, weeding, planting, surveying, and animal husbandry. All of these tasks are directly related to the establishment or maintenance of the sanctuary and habitat, and animals within it. (AEF, AWC, Banrock, Walkabout)

* Scientific Research projects take place in a variety of locations. The primary goal of the project is to undertake tasks related to a designated research study. Primary tasks may be directly related to the study and include animal & plant surveys, monitoring, experimental set-up, and other data collection. Tasks may also be indirectly related to the research goals of the organization and include weeding, planting, and operation of educational facilities. (DSE, AUSTROP, Koonamore)

* Outdoor Education projects are located on privately-owned land which has been designated as an outdoor education facility. The goal of these projects is to foster in visitors an understanding and appreciation of nature and conservation. Primary tasks vary and can include weeding, planting, building, trail and property maintenance. (Wild Mountains, The Crossing)
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  • ISV supports conservation volunteer projects in Australia.

    September 30, 2008
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