ISV Australia Program Travel Journals And Articles

  • Anticipation


    by: emcee_

    created on: Mar 14, 2012 | Toronto, Canada

    It's already March, just a couple more months until I depart for my Australia ISV trip. With that, it's also starting to stress me out that the final payment is almost due! I'm also really excited to see my cousins in LA when before and after my Australia trip! 

  • About Me...


    by: amanda_lee

    created on: Feb 02, 2012 | Michigan, United States

    Today's my birthday, yay! Anyways, figured I'd add a little bit about myself so we all can get to know eachothe before we travel abroad for 2 or 4 weeks together.  I am going on the 4 week trip with the optional activity package, I wish I could go to Fiji but funding is difficult. I'll be doing the wildlife conservation volunteer thing, so I hope most of you are …

  • Departure Date

    journal photo

    by: jordanvm2

    created on: Dec 07, 2011 | Texas, United States

    Just found out I'm departing on July 19th!!! Can't wait!!! <3

  • Early Thoughts...


    by: BriannaMF

    created on: Dec 06, 2011 | New York, United States

    I am so excited to be traveling to Australia with ISV this summer! Although I am slightly concerned about the cost, I know that through fundaising and my new job, I can make it work! I have been so stressed out with college midterms and sports practices lately... but it will all be worth it once the end of the school year comes along! I am probably just going to ramble …

  • A Little About Me (:

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    by: jordanvm2

    created on: Dec 06, 2011 | Texas, United States

    Howdy, if anyone is departing at the same time as me and would like to know a little about me here it is...! My name is Jordan, I wasn't born in Texas but I was raised here (yes, with the cowboy boots and everythang!) I'm 18 years old and a freshman at Texas A&M University, majoring in Biomedical Science to, hopefully, becoming an equine (horse) vet! The fartherest I've ever traveled …

  • ISV supports conservation volunteer projects in Australia.

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    ISV Australia Program

    by: ISV Australia Program

    created on: Oct 09, 2008 | Australia

    Each project runs for two weeks and is operated in partnership with well-established conservation organizations including, not-for-profits, government and non government organisations (NGOs), private industries, and local grassroots groups. Projects are based in various locations, from the remote outback to Australian suburbs. Each volunteer team will be supervised and directed by professional staff from the host organization and an ISV project leader. The volunteer team will consist of around 8 …

  • ISV Australia Program

    by: ISV Australia Program

    created on: Oct 09, 2008 | Australia

    Participants will travel throughout along Australia’s beautiful East Coast between Sydney and Cairns, exploring the World Heritage Areas of the Blue Mountains, Fraser Island which is the world’s largest sand island, the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics areas, in addition to primary rainforests, wild rivers, pristine beaches and the cultural attractions of Sydney and Cairns. You will have the opportunity to participate on activities such as: …

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