ISV Thailand Program Travel Journals And Articles

  • time to start getting ready!


    by: Cam_marie

    created on: Sep 23, 2013 | Illinois, United States

    Wooooo Hoooo I got thailand! In my efforts to learn more about volunteering abroad, I found this program and fell in love. I hope to be able to raise and save the money to go on this fantastic trip!! Im new to this online community but would love to make new friends if anyone has been on this trip or other and has any tips or pointers, or just wants …

  • What to bring to Thailand??


    by: eeubank

    created on: Jul 01, 2013 | California, United States

    I am packing for my trip to Thailand this summer and I have no idea what to bring! I know ISV gives us a list of things they recommend but I am still unsure because I look at photos from past trips and sometimes I see differently. Like what kind of shoes should I bring and what will I need them for? If anyone has been to Thailand previously …

  • Whose with me


    by: colsen

    created on: Feb 24, 2012 | Calgary, Canada

    Thailand July 19 is set to be my departure day!!! Anyone else going to be joining me then?!? Would love to link up before the date nears so that there will be some familiar faces :-)

  • Facebook Page and Website


    by: Imani_Rine_Simmons

    created on: Oct 12, 2011 | Michigan, United States

    Hello, I am really interested in traveling tot Thailand and Cambodia this summer. I have made a website and facebook page to promote my cause and fundraise. Feel free and check it out!

  • Monkey business!

    journal photo

    by: georgiagarside

    created on: Apr 21, 2011 | Thailand

    When I signed up for International Student Volunteers (ISV) I decided I wanted to volunteer in Thailand. What a great choice I made, Thailand was a beautiful place filled with incredible history and culture. One of my favourite experiences was being taught a little about Thai history, culture and language on our first day at the project. I was assigned to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in northern Phuket, which was …

  • Thailand - Adventure Tour

    journal photo
    ISV Thailand Program

    by: ISV Thailand Program

    created on: Oct 10, 2008 | Thailand

    Participants will travel throughout Thailand’s northern and southern regions, exploring the cultural capital of the North in Chiang Mai, historic and enchanting temples, hill tribe communities, primary forests, wild rivers, limestone caves and islands, stunning beaches, an elephant sanctuary, national parks, and the Nation’s capital city, Bangkok. You will have the opportunity to participate on activities such as: * Snorkeling around Koh Phi Phi * Rock climbing, rappelling …

  • Thailand - Volunteer Projects

    journal photo
    ISV Thailand Program

    by: ISV Thailand Program

    created on: Oct 10, 2008 | Thailand

    Each project is two weeks in length and is run in collaboration with well-established local non-government organizations. Each volunteer project team will be supervised and directed by professional, English speaking staff from the host organization and ISV Project Leader. Host Organizations: Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WARF): WARF has projects located in a variety of regions throughout Thailand. WARF's objectives are to prevent, educate and actively campaign against hunting and cruelty …

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