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  • Journey to Africa


    by: Annaspence

    created on: Jan 30, 2013 | Johannesburg, South Africa

    When I began to tell others that I was going to South Africa for volunteer work, the typical reaction was, ‘Be careful. It is a very dangerous place’. This led me to have some misgivings about my choice of OE. Yet, now I can safely say these fears were completely unfounded. My journey to South Africa was unforgettable with experiences that will be hard to match. The journey was …

  • 2013 Costa Rica - Community Development


    by: Angela_L

    created on: Jan 26, 2013 | Toronto, Canada

    I'm so excieted that I was confirmed to go to Costa Rica on July 19th this summer!!!! I have always wanted to go volunteering in a country where really needs help for their people. I had a chance to volunteer in Kenya before, but the schedule did not fit mine, so I couldnt go there. I'm an international student in Canada myself, I came here all alone when I was 16 years old …

  • Costa Rica!


    by: katestewart

    created on: Jan 24, 2013 | Heredia, Costa Rica

    I was always someone who had a holiday in the works – somewhere I was planning to go to in the not too distant future, like a girl’s trip to Bali or a weekend away down south. So when a representative from International Student Volunteers (ISV) came into my accounting lecture at uni last February to talk about the program, I was immediately interested. I’d already heard a little about …

  • June 20, 2013 = I Can't Wait!


    by: JasmineSkye

    created on: Jan 12, 2013 | Ohio, United States

    I'M SO EXCITED!!! :DI'm officially going to Australia on June 20, soon as I raise all of the money. Haha (:I recieved my acceptance letter and handbook in the mail yesterday, and I can't wait! I'd love to talk to anyone else who is traveling on the same trip as me, so if you are just message me! Can't wait for what 2013 has in store :)

  • Hellooo Thailand


    by: Lean_nuh

    created on: Jan 10, 2013 | California, United States

    Woot woot! As of June 9, 2013, I'm Thailand bound! See you later USA, hellloooo Thailand! Who's with me =)

  • South Africa


    by: SaraLynn

    created on: Jan 09, 2013 | California, United States

    Got accepted to go to South Africa!! I leave June 7th, 2013! excited to meet new people and experience a different culture :] message me if you will be attending this trip!

  • Yay!


    by: KatherineD

    created on: Jan 09, 2013 | California, United States

    Just got home and what do I find? My destination letter! I'm so excited to be accepted into Asutralia for 2013! I'll be leaving the 6th of June! There is a lot of work to take care of between now the then but I feel I can handle anything. ^^ Anyone else going for June 6th?

  • Life Changed in Costa Rica


    by: SarahISU

    created on: Jan 04, 2013 | Illinois, United States

    In June 2012 I went to Costa Rica for 5 weeks with International Student Volunteers. I decided to travel with ISV because I didn't want to just see the sights, I didn't want to just be a tourist. I wanted to live there, volunteer in the community, learn and speak the language, all while doing more than a tourist does, not just seeing the sights but skydiving off them, walking …

  • Australia 2013


    by: Josie18

    created on: Dec 20, 2012 | Glasgow, United Kingdom

    I'm off to Australia on the 20th June, 2013!Looking out for other people also going on this date, so let me know if you are :) Hope everybody else is as excited as I am. I'm pretty sad to be saying I don't think I'm going to be able to go on the additional Fiji trip, due to costs, but there's always next year!Hopefully I'm going to be full steam …

  • Confirmed


    by: lacarroll

    created on: Dec 18, 2012 | Nova Scotia, Canada

    Just received my email today cofirming my trip! I leave for the Thailand conservation trip on May 23, 2013 and I am so pumped! One of my closest friends also managed to get on the same trip for community which makes it all the more exciting.  However as excitement mounts, so do my costs. The trip is costly and I'll have to shell out a solid $5000 on it; I've never …

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