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  • Application

    journal photo

    by: KatherineD

    created on: Dec 12, 2012 | California, United States

    I just sent in my application to be part of ISV this summer. I really hope I get in, it would be a lot of work, a lot of fun and a great memory to have! *crosses fingers*

  • The beginning...


    by: kailhubb

    created on: Dec 06, 2012 | Louisiana, United States

    I just paid my deposit a couple of weeks ago and found out I'm going to South Africa on July 19th. I'm so excited and can't wait for the experience! It will be my first time traveling with all new people, but I am so excited to meet new friends!

  • Bake sale

    journal photo

    by: FrancesRyan

    created on: Dec 04, 2012 | Aberdeen, United Kingdom

    My first funderaiser was today, although it was a lot of work (baking for a whole day, the flat is a mess!) I got a lot of baking done, and managed to raise £71. I am so happy that my friends turned up to help me out and keep me company.. one small step closer I guess? 

  • the beginning...


    by: rachelllbrown

    created on: Dec 04, 2012 | Massachusetts, United States

    Just paid my deposit and found out I'm going to Australia on May 9th 2013. I have never been so excited and I can't wait its going be the perfect adventure to start my summer. Only 5 months and 5 days away!

  • South Africa July 05


    by: PG_KG

    created on: Nov 30, 2012 | Canada

    South Africa on July 5th. I believe that is very exciting! I am super stoked for the volunteer aspect, as I did a similar thing in Cuba and that was a unforgettable experience, and the adventure travel aspect just makes the trip even better.

  • South Africa in 2013


    by: JenWhy12

    created on: Nov 28, 2012 | Pennsylvania, United States

    I found out a few weeks ago that I was accepted into the standard program in South Africa leaving May 24, 2013. I'm really excited and just want this school year to end so my summer can begin.  This is my second time going abroad; my first trip was to Greece 2 years ago.  This is going to be a complete different experience.  My Greece trip was basically my senior …

  • And so it begins!

    journal photo

    by: Lexy_Y

    created on: Nov 26, 2012 | Arizona, United States

    I just got accepted to spend a month in South Africa! I will be leaving May 10th, 2013 for this amazing experience. The first thing I did was dance, the second thing I did was tell my family (and of course post it to Facebook), and then the third thing was to sit down and be overwhelmed with expenses. I am extremely greatful and cannot express how excited I am …

  • Antes del Viaje: Fundraising, Worries, the World


    by: Dakota_Dancy

    created on: Nov 11, 2012 | Missouri, United States

    Wow, I just cant believe that I now have this opportunity to go to Costa Rica. I now have to start my fundraising which im going to admit is quite a daunting task. I've never had to come up with such a large amout of money before but, I believe in myself and im greatful for the matterials provided to me for some fundraising ideas.  Im starting to send out sponsor letters …

  • The Beginning


    by: Meplatt

    created on: Nov 08, 2012 | California, United States

    I got my confirmation letter in September saying I will be going to South Africa on June 21st! I'm am so excited to be able to help the animals and hopefully work with them :) I feel like this is the first big step towards reaching my goals in life. Is there anyone else who has gotten the June 21, 2013 Africa trip assignment for conservation work?

  • Letter


    by: FrancesRyan

    created on: Nov 08, 2012 | Dominican Republic

    I just got my conformation email that I will be going to the Dominican Republic in 2013!  I'm still in shock from it, although now I am starting to realise how much I have to raise in 5 months, It will be a task but hopefully I will get though it, using some of my slight.. enthusiasm for it!Wish me luck! 

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