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  • Australia 2015!


    by: Nikki_Nowicki

    created on: Oct 27, 2014 | Michigan, United States

    Hey guys. So I just found out that I will be traveling to Australia June 25, 2015 and was wondering if anyone else had the same date as me! I'm super exicted for this oppurtunity. 

  • The Chosen One


    by: jennymphan11

    created on: Oct 21, 2014 | California, United States

    I don't know how exactly to tackle this whole journal thing but I'm guessing you can just write what you want? Well, here goes how I got here.  I must say that at first I was skeptical about even going to check out the speaker for this program, as a representative did give a short presentation in my psychology class. Usually when speakers come into the classroom, I kind of just …

  • I can't wait for my trip!


    by: Montana_Moore

    created on: Oct 14, 2014 | California, United States

    Hello All!  My name is Montana and I am going to Thailand in June of 2015 to help with community development.  I would love to get to know who else is going on this trip, feel free to contact me.  I am so excited for this oppurtunity!