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  • Kingdom of Swaziland

    journal photo

    by: Erin_S

    created on: May 06, 2011 | Sydney, Australia

    For my volunteer project I chose to be involved in the Swaziland Savannah Conservation Project, this meant spending the first two weeks of my trip in the Kingdom of Swaziland. My first night was spent at Lidwala lodge in Ezulwini Valley, coming in late and jet lagged we didn't have a chance...or the energy to do much but sleep.  Our first encounter with the wildlife came the next morning when we were …

  • ISV Tour Leader Training 2011

    journal photo

    by: ISVAustraliaTourManager

    created on: May 05, 2011 | Sydney, Australia

    TOUR LEADER TRAINING The ISV Tour Leader Training for tour leaders from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and South Africa was held in Sydney in early April. The training is a very intensive 7 day training covering everything from safety, policies, procedures, education, conduct, team building, scenarios, tour and presentations. This 7 days is the first component of ISV tour leader training.  The second component …

  • New Zealand Travels


    by: KimLef

    created on: May 04, 2011 | Auckland, New Zealand

    I traveled with International Student Volunteers a few years ago and I had the best experience of my life. I went to New Zealand for a month and then on to the Fiji Islands for a week. We did more stuff in one month than I could have ever done on my own. The first two weeks were spent doing conservation work. We planted trees, …

  • So it begins...


    by: ems_journeys

    created on: May 01, 2011 | Hobart, Australia

    Ahoy! So, i will be travelling to Costa Rica on the 21st of November this year, which gives me roughly 7 months to do a whole lot of fundraising! It will be my first volunteering trip, aswell as my first trip out of Australia so as you can imagine, i'm super excited! I can't wait to absorb some awesome Central American culture as well as do my bit to help …

  • The Start of Something New!


    by: Haylee_Howson

    created on: May 01, 2011 | Perth, Australia

    How exciting, my first journal entry for Costa Rica!! Thank you to everyone who has so far given me their full support- family, friends, work colleagues, companies and corporate organisations. We still have a long way to go till we reach the $8,000 mark, so any contribution that can be made would be fantastic! Firstly, for those who don't know me, i want to introduce myself. My name is Haylee Howson and …

  • Fundraising Idea #1

    journal photo

    by: JariCox

    created on: Apr 28, 2011 | Adelaide, Australia

    Ok, so, fundaraising... I am trying to raise/make $7k before I leave for Costa Rica on the 16th of January 2012. I was going to keep all my ideas hush hush and not share with the other thousands of students who are desperate to live life and unable to fund it. BUT, coz I'm so nice, I'll share my ideas. So listen up sonny jim, and take notes... BE A GUINEA PIG!!! Researchers will poke you, …

  • Monkey business!

    journal photo

    by: georgiagarside

    created on: Apr 21, 2011 | Thailand

    When I signed up for International Student Volunteers (ISV) I decided I wanted to volunteer in Thailand. What a great choice I made, Thailand was a beautiful place filled with incredible history and culture. One of my favourite experiences was being taught a little about Thai history, culture and language on our first day at the project. I was assigned to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in northern Phuket, which was …

  • A way to succeed in your life

    journal photo

    by: ruslangschool

    created on: Nov 25, 2011 | Petrozavodsk, Russia

    Our Russian language school “Enjoy Russian” is pleased to invite you to apply for a Russian language internship in Russia. We would be happy to host individuals or organized groups of students (4 people and more, equal level of Russian) for 6-13 weeks in Petrozavodsk (dates are flexible from February, 1 till May, 31 2012). Program includes 3 parts: - Russian language course from 4 weeks (80 euros a week/ 20-hour course); - Russian …

  • Be a part of Something Big!

    journal photo
    International Student Volunteers

    by: International Student Volunteers

    created on: Oct 10, 2008 | United States

    Since 2002 nearly 10,000 young adults have volunteered with ISV and contributed invaluable volunteer hours to projects in Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, Romania, the USA, Thailand and Ecuador. ISV gives you the unique ability to combine meaningful volunteer work with an action packed adventure tour to enable you to experience everything your host country has to offer. With ISV, you will become part of the community, get …

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