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  • Wilderness Voice


    by: Mayor

    created on: Jul 09, 2013 | Canada

    Tracts STRIFE TO ENTER Please permit me to PILOT YOU Isaiah42v7  To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.  I noticed the scenario in which people struggle to get what they want in life. Especially when it comes to issue of surviving financial crises.  Many goes to school, get a good grade, but jobless, the purpose of going to …

  • 2 Days until take off


    by: Adrianmass8

    created on: Jul 08, 2013 | California, United States

    I am two days until take-off to Miami and 3 days until we land in the Dominican Republic. I am so excited to get there already! Some of our group members are already there and are loving it. Thank you everyone for your love and support in helping me fundraise. I will keep you guys updated throughout the trip!

  • Trip of a Lifetime

    journal photo

    by: juliapalombo

    created on: Jul 05, 2013 | Adelaide, Australia

    I only found out a couple of weeks ago I will be travelling to Thailand on the 6th of January 2014, but the excitement didn't take long to set it. I initially thought I would be heading to Vietnam, but that trip got cancelled. Thailand, as I have heard, is incredibly beautiful and I cannot wait to help the Mea Kok Foundation in any way possible. I …

  • What to bring to Thailand??


    by: eeubank

    created on: Jul 01, 2013 | California, United States

    I am packing for my trip to Thailand this summer and I have no idea what to bring! I know ISV gives us a list of things they recommend but I am still unsure because I look at photos from past trips and sometimes I see differently. Like what kind of shoes should I bring and what will I need them for? If anyone has been to Thailand previously …

  • Fundraising pt 1.5


    by: Josie_Nancarrow

    created on: Jul 01, 2013 | Launceston, Australia

    To update, the clothes swap went incredibly well. i raised approximately $140 from seven guests and $10 entry fee. i made cupcakes and sold them for a minimum donation of .50c and there were other nibblies that could be purchased. i also said that if they felt like they should donate more for the clothes they were taking then they were more than wecome to. i simply had a cup with …

  • Getting There... Slowly.


    by: RebeccaWeal

    created on: Jul 01, 2013 | Hamilton, New Zealand

    Hello There!, In March 2013 I was accepted to go on the January 2014 ISV trip to South Africa. I currently study Veterinary Science at Massey University and so i plan to under take conservation volunteer work whilst over in South Africa. Straight when i was accepted into the program my head raced with all the possible fundraising plans, mainly selling Cadbury Fundraiang Chocolates, sending out sponsorship letters to organisiations such …

  • Counting Down


    by: Mleeebeee

    created on: Jun 24, 2013 | California, United States

    Just received my updated ISV project report. So incredibly psyched to work with the animals there and meet some new people! Never seen a dolphin despite being a Cali girl and can't wait. Only worried about the sea sickness but with such beauty around me, hopefully I'll be too mesmerized to get sick. Just can't wait and yet knowing I'm going to miss home so much at the same time. …

  • Getting ready


    by: WestSyd121

    created on: Jun 20, 2013 | Sydney, Australia

    So its now confirmed. I will be travelling to South Africa on the 9th of january 2014. The anticipation is starting to kill me, every day i am thinking of new ways i can save my money and pay off my bill. so far i have done several fundraising activities for the trip; a trivia night, countless chocolate drives and even pleading with local businesses to make a kind donation. And …

  • First time traveller


    by: ArantxaNaidoo

    created on: Jun 20, 2013 | Johannesburg, South Africa

    Hey there my name is Arantxa Naidoo I'm from South Africa and am currently studying at the University of Witwatersrand. I'm traveling to costa rica at the end of year in december and I am looking for a travel buddy as I have no travel experience. If anyone from Wits or even johannesburg is traveling to costa rica in December please lt me know, I'd really appreciate it :)

  • Starting up!

    journal photo

    by: timmytimtam

    created on: May 24, 2013 | Armidale, Australia

    Hey everyone, Timothy Frauenfelder here!  At the start of this year i applied to go on a volunteer conservation trip all the way to Costa Rica from here in Australia! I plan to work with endangered animals and help assist in their survival and make a difference in the survival rates of certain animals. I have always loved animals and wanted to do something about the lowering numbers of endangered species …

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