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  • 50 Days Until Departure!


    by: Amac365

    created on: May 21, 2013 | California, United States

    Counting down the days until I leave! I've found out who my travel buddies are and have gotten to know a little bit about each one through our Facebook page. Everyone seems very excited and can't wait to meet each other! Looks like it'll be a great trip & I hope I stay close with them.

  • ISV South Africa 2013

    journal photo

    by: josh93

    created on: May 17, 2013 | Waterberg, South Africa

    On January 19 2013, I travelled with International Student Volunteers to South Africa for what was undoubtedly the most amazing, rewarding month of my life! I chose to undertake a conservation project - I worked with 19 other students, 2 amazing ISV leaders and 3 incredible members of the host organisation WEI (Wildlife Ecological Investments) at Masebe Nature Reserve. Here, we stayed at the local 'Telekishi' community …

  • Planning Stages


    by: taylorwelch

    created on: May 17, 2013 | Virginia, United States

    I leave for the land down under in nineteen days. I'm finishing up all of my gear buying and beginning to review cultural documents and maps of all of the places we'll be stopping along our journey. I've been working long shifts to try and make as much money as I can before I leave. I don't have many expectations for this trip, so I'm trying as best I can …

  • Thailand anyone?


    by: Sarahbrooks

    created on: May 13, 2013 | Perth, Australia

    I'm off to Thailand on the 20th of January next year and I can't wait! Trying to think of ways to start fundraising and getting sponsors so the stress of paying is off my chest :) I'm flying to Melbourne Aust first then off to Thailand. If anyone else is going on this date id love to hear from you! 

  • ISV South Africa 2012

    journal photo

    by: Eleanorgrace

    created on: May 13, 2013 | Cape Town, South Africa

    ISV really opened up my eyes to the world outside of my own. In January 2012 I headed off to Africa with ISV. I got to really experience not only the culture of Africa but also really understand the hardship that the people there go through. It was so rewarding to give back to such an amazing community and see how appreciative the people were of our hard work. I …

  • Thailand/ Cambodia July 4th anyone?


    by: rkaragianes

    created on: May 08, 2013 | California, United States

    It is just starting to hit me that I will be leaving for Thailand/Cambodia on July 4th. I am so excited!!! I am also, really nervous. I don't think it will be a total reality until we've landed and I first step foot in Thailand! Anyone who is reading this that is also going to Thailand on July 4th, is going to Thailand at all, or has gone to Thailand please …

  • Thailand


    by: Carlyhill93

    created on: May 03, 2013 | Australia

    A few months ago i signed up to go to thailand! My trip isn't till January 6th 2014 but im just so excited. I visit the ISV website constantly. I wanted to give myself time to save for my holiday and ive already started paying it off a little. 

  • Just General Santos City

    journal photo

    by: MabernadetteFores

    created on: May 01, 2013 | Generl Santos City, Philippines

    General Santos City is the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, which is you can find a different cook versions of tuna here, if you are from Davao and want to travel  mid-sized city  a bus can take you there , travel around 3 to 3.30 hours from the terminal of davao to the terminal of General Santos City. While roaming around the city you will find malls, parks and resorts. The Mount …

  • Fundraising pt.1


    by: Josie_Nancarrow

    created on: Apr 28, 2013 | Launceston, Australia

    Part 1 of my fundraising efforts. On 17th May i am hosting a clothes swap party to help fund my trip to Costa Rica.  The idea of the party is that all my girlfriends will come to my house with any clothes that they dont want anymore. They bring $10 and they can leave with whatever clothes they want! it's a brilliant plan. Any clothes left over i will try to sell …

  • My Acceptance Email!!


    by: Uju

    created on: Apr 24, 2013 | Hamilton, Canada

    So after weeks of fretting and checking my emails almost every minute,I finally received my acceptance and host country info.I'm so psyched to be going to the Dominican Republic, and I hope it doesn't disappoint.  My excitement is short-lived however,because I'm suddenly panicking about how I can possibly raise that amount of money in a month. It's going to be one long tiring month. So who else will be in …

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