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    by: Josie_Nancarrow

    created on: Apr 22, 2013 | Launceston, Australia

    COSTA RICA BABY!! i have officially been accepted by ISV into their Costa Rica trip in January, and, needless to say, i'm so excited i think i might explode. Now begins the Journey of fundraising and preparing for the trip of a life time. SO KEEN! 253 DAYS TO GO!

  • 53 days and counting


    by: soccer3313

    created on: Apr 14, 2013 | Utah, United States

    Time is going by so fast!! I can't wait to leave for Thailand! Now that I am talking to others who are going with me I am getting more and more excited!! I can't believe that there are only 53 days left until I get on a plain headed for Thailand!! I can't wait for one of the most exciting months of my life!!! I am checking the mail every …

  • Newspapers and Sponsor packets

    journal photo

    by: HilaryHowser

    created on: Apr 09, 2013 | Tennessee, United States

    I didn't find out about ISV until late in the semester. Such a bummer! But luckily I was still able to be placed exactly where I wanted to be - Conservation in Thailand. I had a few hiccups with the ISV office getting placed, but they more than made up for it this week. Right now I'm focusing all the energy I can spare on fundraisint. It's an all hands on …

  • Thailand anyone?


    by: soccer3313

    created on: Apr 03, 2013 | Utah, United States

    So ready to head to Thailand on June 6th. I don't know anyone going with me. I am hoping to make some friends before i head out. I am doing the Vet program. Anyone joining me? I would love to get to know some people before I head out all on my own into the unknown! :) send me a message!

  • Ready or not!!


    by: soccer3313

    created on: Apr 03, 2013 | Utah, United States

    I can't believe it!!! Nothing is more exciting than when your balance reads $0.00. I am all paid for!!! Thailand here I come! I am starting to get a little scared though. Realizing that I am going all by myself with no one I know to a place I have never been before... The excitement definatly outweighs the fear, but it doesn't take it away completely... I hope that I …

  • Everything But The Wait


    by: AidaCham

    created on: Mar 29, 2013 | California, United States

    Hello! This is my first journal entry. I already have a blog set up to follow my adventures abroad: , but I'll give updates here too! So far, I'VE PAYED OFF MY WHOLE TRIP! I am beyond excited that this trip is definitely going to happen, rather than myself worrying whether or not I would be able to pay for everything! I just need to play the waiting game now :)

  • Halfway There

    journal photo

    by: GabeRead

    created on: Mar 19, 2013 | Idaho, United States

    I finally got the letters to sponsor sent out today. I wish I had not procrastinated. However, I must do the best I can with what I have now. I sent the letters mostly to local businesses and churches, as well as people that I had close relationships with in my community. I sent out a total of fifteen letters. If each potential sponsor sends me the amount I asked …

  • 73 days


    by: ja9_Gess

    created on: Mar 11, 2013 | California, United States

    I'm just thinking how close my trip to Thailand is. It is so exciting and scary at the same time to learn about a totally different culture. I get to go to this life changing experience on May 23,2013. It would be really cool to get to know some other travelers that are going on the same day. So just message me :D  

  • My Testimonial

    journal photo

    by: Isabelle_Seah

    created on: Mar 08, 2013 | Pretoria, South Africa

    Because I feel that the last entry didn't really say much about De Wildt, here's my 'official' testimonial of the awesomeness of the project. I also want to take the opportunity to brag that with this testimonial, I managed to successfully transfer into Veterinary School. :P On 26 November 2012, I went on a two-week volunteer project in South Africa organised by the International Student Volunteers (ISV). I was allocated to …

  • The De Wildt Cheetah Project

    journal photo

    by: Isabelle_Seah

    created on: Mar 08, 2013 | Pretoria, South Africa

    The De Wildt Cheetah Project. It was amazing. No, amazing doesn't even come close. It's more than that. I volunteered at the Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre and it was the most amazing, awesome, fun-filled, interesting, and fulfulling experience I have ever experienced in the two decades since my birth! I had to get up early every morning, and to be frank, I am not a morning person. I don't usually …

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