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Costa Rica!

Hey isv! I'm going to Costa RIca July 24, 2015 and I was wondering if anyone else was going I would love to get to know people before the trip !:)

Costa Rica anyone?

United States New Jersey, United States  |  Jan 21, 2015
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Hey isv! so I was wondering if anyone else was going to Costa Rica July 24, 2015! I would love to get to know people before the trip!

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    HattieLevis wrote: Mon Jun 22, 2015
    Hey Marissa I am!!!

    So excited to go!! Do you know which volunteer program you are on? I'm doing the turtle conservation :) But I'm not doing the spanish week, so am getting to Costa Rica a week later than you.

    pura vida!

    Hattie xxxx
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    ISV wrote: Thu Feb 5, 2015
    Hi Marissa,

    I hope you're excited about taking part on your ISV Program!

    If you're on Facebook, you will be invited to join a group specifically for participants going on your Program.

    If you haven't received an email with your invitation to the group, email

    Hope this helps,

    Abigail Grinnell
    International Student Volunteers
    Postal PO Box 2169 Bondi Junction NSW 1355
    T 61 2 9369 5556 | F 61 2 9369 5595 | |

  • Costa Rica anyone?

    January 21, 2015
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